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Vu Media Joint Stock Company is one of the most professional and prestigious company in event management field with the full perfect package services. We are aware that the customer is the most important factor for the future direction and the development of company. We believe that with our professional working style, we always listen carefully and understand thoroughly our clients.

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Our Undertaking

Providing high quality services, products, contributing to the development of partner’s business and customers.

Always focusing on the pleasure of clients.

Maintaining credibility with customers and society is a vital principle for development.

Striving to bring the sufficiency of material life and abundant spirit for all members of the company.

Contributing to the general development and also prosperity of the country.

Social Responsibility

Instilling moral “drinking water, remember its source”, VuMedia is acutely aware of the significance of the responsibility “Return the compliment” in society and charitable activities over Vietnam. Since the establishment and development, we not only concentrate on expand the service business, but we also contribute considerably in the political, economic and social mission of Vietnam. Therefore, we affirm our own brand in Vietnam, becoming a fulcrum in social work, charitable task and humanitarian. Besides, all members of the company actively involve in the work of saving natural resources and protecting the environment for the green, clean and beautiful earth.


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