June 31, 2018, VuMedia was chosen to be the event-service-supplier for Vietnam – China trade promotion at Muong Thanh Hotel, Bac Giang City, Vietnam.

The event has welcomed Mr Nguyen Van Linh – Chairman of Bac Giang Province, Mr Co Chieu Khanh – Chairman of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Vietnam, and nearly 400 entrepreneurs of China and Vietnam

VuMedia service has met high demand of Chinese partners. We have provided more than 100 event lights (par-led, moving beam, profile.etc…), hight quality sound system and all other equipments for the event.

With a professional and dedicated service, we proudly set up and ran a very successful event.

Here are some pictures of the event:

Receptionist area based on first floor of Muong Thanh Bac Giang hotel:

1 Le tan don tiep

The Ballroom – event room was set up carefully and professionally:

2. Khan phong hoi thao Muong Thanh Bac Giang

Lighting system provided best light and atmosphere for the event:
3. Phong hop tai Bac Giang

Bilingual language translation systems:

4. Muong Thanh Bac Giang

Truss system for hanging lights and bandroll:
5. To chuc su kien tai Bac Giang

Chairman of Bac Giang province:
6. Chu tich tinh Bac Giang bat tay doi tac

Speech from one of China investors:
7. Dai dien Trung Quoc phat bieu

Speech from chairman of Bac Giang province:
8. Dai dien tinh Bac Giang phat bieu

Investors form China and Vietnam:
9. Hoi nghi xuc tien thuong mai Viet Trung Bac Giang

Please get more information with a highlight video about the event:

(Nguồn: VuMedia.vn)

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