On 21/09/2017, VuMedia is proudly to be the organizer of the groundbreaking ceremony for the first aircraft engine manufacturing factory in Vietnam. The total area of factory is 100,000m2 locating in the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Industrial Park – Hanoi. The investor is Hanwha Aero Engines Co., Ltd. – a branch of Hanwha Group – the top 6th corporation in Korea operating in many fields. The event marked a turning point in the great development of Vietnam’s industry. At the same time, it clearly shows the great investment attraction of Vietnam to foreign enterprises.

IMG_3297 (Copy)

Speech of Mr. Chu Ngoc Anh – Minister of Science and Technology

_MG_0540 (Copy)

Groundbreaking ceremony

IMG_3242 (Copy)

Guests attending groundbreaking ceremony

Attendance of this event includes many senior officials from Vietnamese Government, Republic of Korea Government and representatives of the major partners of Hanwha Aero Engines, and employees of Hanwha Aero Engines. In addition, the event attracted a lot of journalists from television stations and news organizations.

IMG_3137 (Copy)

Official guests of groundbreaking ceremony

_MG_0304 (Copy)

Official guests of groundbreaking ceremony

IMG_3416 (Copy)

Taking picture of official guests of groundbreaking ceremony

IMG_3748 (Copy)

Taking picture of Hanwha Aero Engines staff crew

IMG_3461 (Copy)

Taking an interview with Hanwha Aero Engines Representative 

With the spirit of serving customers wholeheartedly, the professional staffs crew of VuMedia has been working day and night for 5 consecutive days to complete over 70 items for the event at the construction site of the future Hanwha Aero Engine factory, where is overwhelming by construction machineries.

Various items from the trusses, VIP rooms, greeting gates, ceremonial areas, exciting art performances, and modern equipment have been carefully prepared. They gave strong impressive to all the guests attended the event.

_MG_0253 (Copy)

Welcome gate of the ceremony

_MG_0266 (Copy)

Receptionist area of the ceremony

IMG_3001 (Copy)

Truss house of the ceremony

IMG_3252 (Copy)

Lotus dance in the ceremony of Emmy

_MG_0418 (Copy)

Song performance in the ceremony of singer Dieu Ly


IMG_3519 (Copy)

Safety pray for Hanwha Aero Engines factory construction project

IMG_3781 (Copy)

Hanwha Aero Engines senior staffs taking picture with VuMedia Chairman and staff crew

After many years of operation, VuMedia has conducted hundreds of events for many partners across Vietnam. With experienced staff crew, modern equipment, VuMedia proudly provides professional event organizing services, with reasonable price and high quality. With the “Prestige – Devotion” principle in every client’s campaign, we are taking step by step strongly to affirm our reputation in each service provided. Innovation for the success!


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