On 14/11/2014, VuMedia was the event organizer for “CNN – The comeback date” at the stadium of University of Languages and International Studies – Hanoi National University. The event was to celebrate the University’s 45th anniversary and all achievements during many years.

High School of Foreign Languages is a department of The University of Languages and International Studies – VNU – the Vietnamese top University in teaching languages and related majors. This is the top high school in Vietnam. Every year, the school educates about 1500 students under the teaching of nearly 100 high school teachers and university lecturers.

The event was planned carefully by VuMedia in every single detail. As a result, 200 square meters of truss house, 14 booths with the attendance of the students in different language departments and clubs were successfully built along with the modern sounding and lighting system. It is special that each booths in the event was decorated in specific way, representing the culture of certain countries.

With the enthusiasm, VuMedia team brought an amazing event to all professors, teachers and students in University of Languages and International Studies.

Some pictures of the event were taken by VuMedia team:

After many years of operation, VuMedia has conducted hundreds of event for many partners across the country. With experienced staff crew, modern equipment, VuMedia proudly provides professional event organizing services, with reasonable price and high quality. With the “Prestige – Devotion” principle in every client’s campaign, we are taking step by step strongly to affirm our reputation in each service provided. Innovation for success!


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