On the evening 06/02/2015 VuMedia held an New Year’s Eve Dinner for Lavie Co., Ltd at Sofitel Plaza Hotel Hanoi. All the event idea, plan, sounding and lighting equipment and personnel are provided by VuMedia. It delivered an impressive New Year’s Eve Dinner for all Lavie’s staffs.

Lavie Co., Ltd is the member of Nestles Waters – top Spring Water Corporation in the world, owning 67 brands and presenting in 130 countries. Established in 1992 with the continuous development, today, Lavie is the most popular spring water company in Vietnam. Its products are consumed commonly by consumers.

In the New Year’s Eve Dinner, there was attendance of Lavie staffs and especially Mr. Matthias Riehle – Chairman of Lavie Co., Ltd. The event was held in the joyful atmosphere with the whole Lavie’s staff crew from Hanoi and Hung Yen Office.

There were a lot of art performances in the event including singing, dancing, drama, dancing… contributed by both professional artists (Luu Huong Giang, Ha Anh, Carmen…) and Lavies’s staff. They all made the event to be more exciting and memorable for all people attending.

Ông Matthias Riehle– Tổng giám đốc công ty TNHH Lavie Việt Nam

TGĐ khai tiệc chào mừng năm mới

Trao thưởng cho những cán bộ nhân viên xuất sắc trong năm 2014

Những điệu múa đặc sắc đến từ vũ đoàn Carmen

Sự góp mặt của ca sĩ Lưu Hương Giang cùng vũ đoàn

Ca sĩ Hà Anh

Những tiết mục văn nghệ, hài kịch vui nhộn do đại gia đình Lavie biểu diễn

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